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DeepPortraitDrawing: Generating Human Body Images from Freehand Sketches

2022-05-04 14:02:45
Xian Wu, Chen Wang, Hongbo Fu, Ariel Shamir, Song-Hai Zhang, Shi-Min Hu


Researchers have explored various ways to generate realistic images from freehand sketches, e.g., for objects and human faces. However, how to generate realistic human body images from sketches is still a challenging problem. It is, first because of the sensitivity to human shapes, second because of the complexity of human images caused by body shape and pose changes, and third because of the domain gap between realistic images and freehand sketches. In this work, we present DeepPortraitDrawing, a deep generative framework for converting roughly drawn sketches to realistic human body images. To encode complicated body shapes under various poses, we take a local-to-global approach. Locally, we employ semantic part auto-encoders to construct part-level shape spaces, which are useful for refining the geometry of an input pre-segmented hand-drawn sketch. Globally, we employ a cascaded spatial transformer network to refine the structure of body parts by adjusting their spatial locations and relative proportions. Finally, we use a global synthesis network for the sketch-to-image translation task, and a face refinement network to enhance facial details. Extensive experiments have shown that given roughly sketched human portraits, our method produces more realistic images than the state-of-the-art sketch-to-image synthesis techniques.

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