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Subtle Misogyny Detection and Mitigation: An Expert-Annotated Dataset

2023-11-15 23:27:19
Brooklyn Sheppard, Anna Richter, Allison Cohen, Elizabeth Allyn Smith, Tamara Kneese, Carolyne Pelletier, Ioana Baldini, Yue Dong


Using novel approaches to dataset development, the Biasly dataset captures the nuance and subtlety of misogyny in ways that are unique within the literature. Built in collaboration with multi-disciplinary experts and annotators themselves, the dataset contains annotations of movie subtitles, capturing colloquial expressions of misogyny in North American film. The dataset can be used for a range of NLP tasks, including classification, severity score regression, and text generation for rewrites. In this paper, we discuss the methodology used, analyze the annotations obtained, and provide baselines using common NLP algorithms in the context of misogyny detection and mitigation. We hope this work will promote AI for social good in NLP for bias detection, explanation, and removal.

Abstract (translated)

使用新颖的数据集开发方法,Biasly 数据集独特地捕捉了性别歧视中的细微和微妙之处。该数据集与跨学科的专家和注释者合作编写,其中包括对北美电影中流行表达式的不准翻译的注释。该数据集可用于各种自然语言处理任务,包括分类、严重度评分回归和重写文本生成。在本文中,我们讨论了所采用的方法,分析了获得的注释,并在性别歧视检测和减轻方面提供了使用常见自然语言处理算法的基本模板。我们希望这项工作将促进在 NLP 中实现人工智能的社会价值,包括偏差检测、解释和消除。



3D Action Action_Localization Action_Recognition Activity Adversarial Agent Attention Autonomous Bert Boundary_Detection Caption Chat Classification CNN Compressive_Sensing Contour Contrastive_Learning Deep_Learning Denoising Detection Dialog Diffusion Drone Dynamic_Memory_Network Edge_Detection Embedding Embodied Emotion Enhancement Face Face_Detection Face_Recognition Facial_Landmark Few-Shot Gait_Recognition GAN Gaze_Estimation Gesture Gradient_Descent Handwriting Human_Parsing Image_Caption Image_Classification Image_Compression Image_Enhancement Image_Generation Image_Matting Image_Retrieval Inference Inpainting Intelligent_Chip Knowledge Knowledge_Graph Language_Model Matching Medical Memory_Networks Multi_Modal Multi_Task NAS NMT Object_Detection Object_Tracking OCR Ontology Optical_Character Optical_Flow Optimization Person_Re-identification Point_Cloud Portrait_Generation Pose Pose_Estimation Prediction QA Quantitative Quantitative_Finance Quantization Re-identification Recognition Recommendation Reconstruction Regularization Reinforcement_Learning Relation Relation_Extraction Represenation Represenation_Learning Restoration Review RNN Salient Scene_Classification Scene_Generation Scene_Parsing Scene_Text Segmentation Self-Supervised Semantic_Instance_Segmentation Semantic_Segmentation Semi_Global Semi_Supervised Sence_graph Sentiment Sentiment_Classification Sketch SLAM Sparse Speech Speech_Recognition Style_Transfer Summarization Super_Resolution Surveillance Survey Text_Classification Text_Generation Tracking Transfer_Learning Transformer Unsupervised Video_Caption Video_Classification Video_Indexing Video_Prediction Video_Retrieval Visual_Relation VQA Weakly_Supervised Zero-Shot