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Enhancing Medical Text Evaluation with GPT-4

2023-11-16 05:32:09
Yiqing Xie, Sheng Zhang, Hao Cheng, Zelalem Gero, Cliff Wong, Tristan Naumann, Hoifung Poon


In the evaluation of medical text generation, it is essential to scrutinize each piece of information and ensure the utmost accuracy of the evaluation. Existing evaluation metrics either focus on coarse-level evaluation that assigns one score for the whole generated output or rely on evaluation models trained on general domain, resulting in inaccuracies when adapted to the medical domain. To address these issues, we propose a set of factuality-centric evaluation aspects and design corresponding GPT-4-based metrics for medical text generation. We systematically compare these metrics with existing ones on clinical note generation and medical report summarization tasks, revealing low inter-metric correlation. A comprehensive human evaluation confirms that the proposed GPT-4-based metrics exhibit substantially higher agreement with human judgments than existing evaluation metrics. Our study contributes to the understanding of medical text generation evaluation and offers a more reliable alternative to existing metrics.

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