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LoMOE: Localized Multi-Object Editing via Multi-Diffusion

2024-03-01 10:46:47
Goirik Chakrabarty, Aditya Chandrasekar, Ramya Hebbalaguppe, Prathosh AP


Recent developments in the field of diffusion models have demonstrated an exceptional capacity to generate high-quality prompt-conditioned image edits. Nevertheless, previous approaches have primarily relied on textual prompts for image editing, which tend to be less effective when making precise edits to specific objects or fine-grained regions within a scene containing single/multiple objects. We introduce a novel framework for zero-shot localized multi-object editing through a multi-diffusion process to overcome this challenge. This framework empowers users to perform various operations on objects within an image, such as adding, replacing, or editing $\textbf{many}$ objects in a complex scene $\textbf{in one pass}$. Our approach leverages foreground masks and corresponding simple text prompts that exert localized influences on the target regions resulting in high-fidelity image editing. A combination of cross-attention and background preservation losses within the latent space ensures that the characteristics of the object being edited are preserved while simultaneously achieving a high-quality, seamless reconstruction of the background with fewer artifacts compared to the current methods. We also curate and release a dataset dedicated to multi-object editing, named $\texttt{LoMOE}$-Bench. Our experiments against existing state-of-the-art methods demonstrate the improved effectiveness of our approach in terms of both image editing quality and inference speed.

Abstract (translated)

近年来在扩散模型的领域中,已经取得了在生成高质量提示条件下图像编辑的非凡能力。然而,之前的方法主要依赖文本提示进行图像编辑,而往往在精确编辑特定对象或场景中的细粒度部分时效果不佳。为了克服这一挑战,我们引入了一种名为多扩散(multi-diffusion)的新框架来进行零 shot 局部多对象编辑。通过多扩散过程实现这一目标,该框架使用前景掩码及其相应的简单文本提示对目标区域产生局部影响,从而实现高保真度的图像编辑。在潜在空间中,上下文关注(cross-attention)和背景保留损失(background preservation loss)的组合确保了编辑对象的特性在同时实现高质量平滑的背景恢复的同时得到保留。我们还创建了一个名为 $\texttt{LoMOE}$-Bench 的多对象编辑数据集。我们的实验结果表明,与现有最先进的方法相比,我们的方法在图像编辑质量和推理速度方面都取得了显著的改进。



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