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Authors' Values and Attitudes Towards AI-bridged Scalable Personalization of Creative Language Arts

2024-03-01 10:53:10
Taewook Kim, Hyomin Han, Eytan Adar, Matthew Kay, John Joon Young Chung


Generative AI has the potential to create a new form of interactive media: AI-bridged creative language arts (CLA), which bridge the author and audience by personalizing the author's vision to the audience's context and taste at scale. However, it is unclear what the authors' values and attitudes would be regarding AI-bridged CLA. To identify these values and attitudes, we conducted an interview study with 18 authors across eight genres (e.g., poetry, comics) by presenting speculative but realistic AI-bridged CLA scenarios. We identified three benefits derived from the dynamics between author, artifact, and audience: those that 1) authors get from the process, 2) audiences get from the artifact, and 3) authors get from the audience. We found how AI-bridged CLA would either promote or reduce these benefits, along with authors' concerns. We hope our investigation hints at how AI can provide intriguing experiences to CLA audiences while promoting authors' values.

Abstract (translated)

生成式AI具有创建一种新型交互媒体的可能性:AI桥接创意语言艺术(CLA),通过个性化作者的视角与观众在规模上相匹配的观众背景和口味。然而,不清楚作者对AI-桥接CLA的价值观和态度是什么。为了识别这些价值观和态度,我们与18位作者(涵盖8个 genres,如诗歌、漫画等)进行了一项采访研究,通过展示具有想象力和现实性的AI-桥接CLA情景进行陈述。我们发现了作者、艺术品和观众之间的动态带来的三个好处:作者从中获得的内容、观众从中获得的内容以及作者从观众中获得的內容。我们发现AI-桥接CLA如何促进或减少这些好处,以及作者的担忧。我们希望我们的调查结果能够表明,AI如何为CLA观众提供引人入胜的体验,同时促进作者的价值观。



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