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The Role of Confidence for Trust-based Resilient Consensus

2024-04-11 15:27:14
Luca Ballotta. Michal Yemini


We consider a multi-agent system where agents aim to achieve a consensus despite interactions with malicious agents that communicate misleading information. Physical channels supporting communication in cyberphysical systems offer attractive opportunities to detect malicious agents, nevertheless, trustworthiness indications coming from the channel are subject to uncertainty and need to be treated with this in mind. We propose a resilient consensus protocol that incorporates trust observations from the channel and weighs them with a parameter that accounts for how confident an agent is regarding its understanding of the legitimacy of other agents in the network, with no need for the initial observation window $T_0$ that has been utilized in previous works. Analytical and numerical results show that (i) our protocol achieves a resilient consensus in the presence of malicious agents and (ii) the steady-state deviation from nominal consensus can be minimized by a suitable choice of the confidence parameter that depends on the statistics of trust observations.

Abstract (translated)

我们考虑一个多代理系统,其中代理旨在通过与恶意代理交互而达成共识,即使这些代理传达误导性信息。支持通信的物理通道在 Cyberphysical 系统中具有吸引人的机会来检测恶意代理,然而,来自通道的可靠性指示是随机的,需要对此予以考虑。我们提出了一种具有来自通道的可靠性观察值的 resilient共识协议,其中参数反映了代理对于网络中其他代理的合法性的理解程度,不需要使用之前工作中使用的初始观察窗口 $T_0$。分析结果和数值结果表明,(i) 我们的协议在恶意代理存在时实现了弹性共识,(ii) 通过选择合适的置信参数,可以最小化由信任观察值引起的均值共识的离散程度。



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