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Loco-Manipulation with Nonimpulsive Contact-Implicit Planning in a Slithering Robot

2024-04-12 00:43:44
Adarsh Salagame, Kruthika Gangaraju, Harin Kumar Nallaguntla, Eric Sihite, Gunar Schirner, Alireza Ramezani


Object manipulation has been extensively studied in the context of fixed base and mobile manipulators. However, the overactuated locomotion modality employed by snake robots allows for a unique blend of object manipulation through locomotion, referred to as loco-manipulation. The following work presents an optimization approach to solving the loco-manipulation problem based on non-impulsive implicit contact path planning for our snake robot COBRA. We present the mathematical framework and show high-fidelity simulation results and experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

Abstract (translated)

对象的操纵在固定基和移动操作器背景下得到了广泛研究。然而,蛇机器人采用的过度 actuated 运动模式允许通过运动操纵物体,这被称为运动操纵。本文基于非激励性隐式路径规划来解决运动操纵问题,我们的蛇机器人 COBRA。我们提供了数学框架,并展示了高保真度模拟结果和实验,以证明我们方法的有效性。



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