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Floor-SP: Inverse CAD for Floorplans by Sequential Room-wise Shortest Path

2019-08-19 11:20:58
Jiacheng Chen, Chen Liu, Jiaye Wu, Yasutaka Furukawa


This paper proposes a new approach for automated floorplan reconstruction from RGBD scans, a major milestone in indoor mapping research. The approach, dubbed Floor-SP, formulates a novel optimization problem, where room-wise coordinate descent sequentially solves dynamic programming to optimize the floorplan graph structure. The objective function consists of data terms guided by deep neural networks, consistency terms encouraging adjacent rooms to share corners and walls, and the model complexity term. The approach does not require corner/edge detection with thresholds, unlike most other methods. We have evaluated our system on production-quality RGBD scans of 527 apartments or houses, including many units with non-Manhattan structures. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations demonstrate a significant performance boost over the current state-of-the-art. Please refer to our project website <a href="">this http URL</a> for code and data.

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