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Skin cancer detection based on deep learning and entropy to detect outlier samples

2019-09-10 14:36:16
Andre G. C. Pacheco, Abder-Rahman Ali, Thomas Trappenberg


We describe our methods to address both tasks of the ISIC 2019 challenge. The goal of this challenge is to provide the diagnostic for skin cancer using images and meta-data. There are nine classes in the dataset, nonetheless, one of them is an outlier and is not present on it. To tackle the challenge, we apply an ensemble of classifiers, which has 13 convolutional neural networks (CNN), we develop two approaches to handle the outlier class and we propose a straightforward method to use the meta-data along with the images. Throughout this report, we detail each methodology and parameters to make it easy to replicate our work. The results obtained are in accordance with the previous challenges and the approaches to detect the outlier class and to address the meta-data seem to be work properly.

Abstract (translated)