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Lane Detection For Prototype Autonomous Vehicle

2019-12-11 10:27:45
Sertap Kamçı, Dogukan Aksu, Muhammed Ali Aydin


Unmanned vehicle technologies are an area of great interest in theory and practice today. These technologies have advanced considerably after the first applications have been implemented and cause a rapid change in human life. Autonomous vehicles are also a big part of these technologies. The most important action of a driver has to do is to follow the lanes on the way to the destination. By using image processing and artificial intelligence techniques, an autonomous vehicle can move successfully without a driver help. They can go from the initial point to the specified target by applying pre-defined rules. There are also rules for proper tracking of the lanes. Many accidents are caused due to insufficient follow-up of the lanes and non-compliance with these rules. The majority of these accidents also result in injury and death. In this paper, we present an autonomous vehicle prototype that follows lanes via image processing techniques, which are a major part of autonomous vehicle technology. Autonomous movement capability is provided by using some image processing algorithms such as canny edge detection, Sobel filter, etc. We implemented and tested these algorithms on the vehicle. The vehicle detected and followed the determined lanes. By that way, it went to the destination successfully.

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