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Automatic Operating Room Surgical Activity Recognition for Robot-Assisted Surgery

2020-06-29 16:30:31
Aidean Sharghi, Helene Haugerud, Daniel Oh, Omid Mohareri


tract: Automatic recognition of surgical activities in the operating room (OR) is a key technology for creating next generation intelligent surgical devices and workflow monitoring/support systems. Such systems can potentially enhance efficiency in the OR, resulting in lower costs and improved care delivery to the patients. In this paper, we investigate automatic surgical activity recognition in robot-assisted operations. We collect the first large-scale dataset including 400 full-length multi-perspective videos from a variety of robotic surgery cases captured using Time-of-Flight cameras. We densely annotate the videos with 10 most recognized and clinically relevant classes of activities. Furthermore, we investigate state-of-the-art computer vision action recognition techniques and adapt them for the OR environment and the dataset. First, we fine-tune the Inflated 3D ConvNet (I3D) for clip-level activity recognition on our dataset and use it to extract features from the videos. These features are then fed to a stack of 3 Temporal Gaussian Mixture layers which extracts context from neighboring clips, and eventually go through a Long Short Term Memory network to learn the order of activities in full-length videos. We extensively assess the model and reach a peak performance of 88% mean Average Precision.

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