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Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Laplacian Pyramid Networks

2020-06-29 16:10:40
Tony C.W. Mok, Albert C.S. Chung


tract: Deep learning-based methods have recently demonstrated promising results in deformable image registration for a wide range of medical image analysis tasks. However, existing deep learning-based methods are usually limited to small deformation settings, and desirable properties of the transformation including bijective mapping and topology preservation are often being ignored by these approaches. In this paper, we propose a deep Laplacian Pyramid Image Registration Network, which can solve the image registration optimization problem in a coarse-to-fine fashion within the space of diffeomorphic maps. Extensive quantitative and qualitative evaluations on two MR brain scan datasets show that our method outperforms the existing methods by a significant margin while maintaining desirable diffeomorphic properties and promising registration speed.

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