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AI-based Monitoring and Response System for Hospital Preparedness towards COVID-19 in Southeast Asia

2020-07-30 17:39:13
Tushar Goswamy, Naishadh Parmar, Ayush Gupta, Vatsalya Tandon, Raunak Shah, Varun Goyal, Sanyog Gupta, Karishma Laud, Shivam Gupta, Sudhanshu Mishra, Ashutosh Modi


tract: This research paper proposes a COVID-19 monitoring and response system to identify the surge in the volume of patients at hospitals and shortage of critical equipment like ventilators in South-east Asian countries, to understand the burden on health facilities. This can help authorities in these regions with resource planning measures to redirect resources to the regions identified by the model. Due to the lack of publicly available data on the influx of patients in hospitals, or the shortage of equipment, ICU units or hospital beds that regions in these countries might be facing, we leverage Twitter data for gleaning this information. The approach has yielded accurate results for states in India, and we are working on validating the model for the remaining countries so that it can serve as a reliable tool for authorities to monitor the burden on hospitals.

Abstract (translated)