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Pick-Place With Uncertain Object Instance Segmentation and Shape Completion

2020-10-15 17:17:21
Marcus Gualtieri, Robert Platt


tract: In this paper we consider joint perception and control of a pick-place system. It is important to consider perception and control jointly as some actions are more likely to succeed than others given non-uniform, perceptual uncertainty. Our approach is to combine 3D object instance segmentation and shape completion with classical regrasp planning. We use the perceptual modules to estimate their own uncertainty and then incorporate this uncertainty as a regrasp planning cost. We compare 7 different regrasp planning cost functions, 4 of which explicitly model probability of plan execution success. Results show uncertainty-aware costs improve performance for complex tasks, e.g., for a bin packing task, object placement success is 6.2% higher in simulation and 4.1% higher in the real world with an uncertainty-aware cost versus the commonly used minimum-number-of-grasps cost.

Abstract (translated)