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Multi-Modality Cut and Paste for 3D Object Detection

2020-12-23 15:23:16
Wenwei Zhang, Zhe Wang, Chen Change Loy


tract: Three-dimensional (3D) object detection is essential in autonomous driving. There are observations that multi-modality methods based on both point cloud and imagery features perform only marginally better or sometimes worse than approaches that solely use single-modality point cloud. This paper investigates the reason behind this counter-intuitive phenomenon through a careful comparison between augmentation techniques used by single modality and multi-modality methods. We found that existing augmentations practiced in single-modality detection are equally useful for multi-modality detection. Then we further present a new multi-modality augmentation approach, Multi-mOdality Cut and pAste (MoCa). MoCa boosts detection performance by cutting point cloud and imagery patches of ground-truth objects and pasting them into different scenes in a consistent manner while avoiding collision between objects. We also explore beneficial architecture design and optimization practices in implementing a good multi-modality detector. Without using ensemble of detectors, our multi-modality detector achieves new state-of-the-art performance on nuScenes dataset and competitive performance on KITTI 3D benchmark. Our method also wins the best PKL award in the 3rd nuScenes detection challenge. Code and models will be released at this https URL.

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