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Real-Time Optimized N-gram For Mobile Devices

2021-01-07 14:51:26
Sharmila Mani, Sourabh Vasant Gothe, Sourav Ghosh, Ajay Kumar Mishra, Prakhar Kulshreshtha, Bhargavi M, Muthu Kumaran


tract: With the increasing number of mobile devices, there has been continuous research on generating optimized Language Models (LMs) for soft keyboard. In spite of advances in this domain, building a single LM for low-end feature phones as well as high-end smartphones is still a pressing need. Hence, we propose a novel technique, Optimized N-gram (Op-Ngram), an end-to-end N-gram pipeline that utilises mobile resources efficiently for faster Word Completion (WC) and Next Word Prediction (NWP). Op-Ngram applies Stupid Backoff and pruning strategies to generate a light-weight model. The LM loading time on mobile is linear with respect to model size. We observed that Op-Ngram gives 37% improvement in Language Model (LM)-ROM size, 76% in LM-RAM size, 88% in loading time and 89% in average suggestion time as compared to SORTED array variant of BerkeleyLM. Moreover, our method shows significant performance improvement over KenLM as well.

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