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Transferring Experience from Simulation to the Real World for Precise Pick-And-Place Tasks in Highly Cluttered Scenes

2021-01-12 22:16:47
Kilian Kleeberger, Markus Völk, Marius Moosmann, Erik Thiessenhusen, Florian Roth, Richard Bormann, Marco F. Huber


tract: In this paper, we introduce a novel learning-based approach for grasping known rigid objects in highly cluttered scenes and precisely placing them based on depth images. Our Placement Quality Network (PQ-Net) estimates the object pose and the quality for each automatically generated grasp pose for multiple objects simultaneously at 92 fps in a single forward pass of a neural network. All grasping and placement trials are executed in a physics simulation and the gained experience is transferred to the real world using domain randomization. We demonstrate that our policy successfully transfers to the real world. PQ-Net outperforms other model-free approaches in terms of grasping success rate and automatically scales to new objects of arbitrary symmetry without any human intervention.

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