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Robust GPS-Vision Localization via Integrity-Driven Landmark Attention

2021-01-13 02:16:13
Sriramya Bhamidipati, Grace Xingxin Gao


tract: For robust GPS-vision navigation in urban areas, we propose an Integrity-driven Landmark Attention (ILA) technique via stochastic reachability. Inspired by cognitive attention in humans, we perform convex optimization to select a subset of landmarks from GPS and vision measurements that maximizes integrity-driven performance. Given known measurement error bounds in non-faulty conditions, our ILA follows a unified approach to address both GPS and vision faults and is compatible with any off-the-shelf estimator. We analyze measurement deviation to estimate the stochastic reachable set of expected position for each landmark, which is parameterized via probabilistic zonotope (p-Zonotope). We apply set union to formulate a p-Zonotopic cost that represents the size of position bounds based on landmark inclusion/exclusion. We jointly minimize the p-Zonotopic cost and maximize the number of landmarks via convex relaxation. For an urban dataset, we demonstrate improved localization accuracy and robust predicted availability for a pre-defined alert limit.

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