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Modeling and Analysis of Unmanned Remote Guided Vehicle on Rough and Loose Snow Terrain

2021-01-13 09:29:18
Abhishek D. Patange, Sharad S. Mulik, R. Jegadeeshwaran, Dhananjay R. Jadhav, Prateek J. Ghatage, Gaurav R. Doshi, Rushikesh V Raykar


tract: Survival in remote snow bounded areas is unsafe and risky for mankind. Many problems like arthritis, frostbite, asthma, starvation can caused and lead to death. Indian Military provides transportation vehicles which are heavily built and needs manpower for monitoring. Hence it necessitates facilitating compact transportation to fulfill all requirements. This research aimed at design and analysis of mobile unmanned vehicle for transportation & providing medical help, food and other essential things necessary for surviving in such areas. This can also be used for military services to save the life of solider with less risk. It is typical medium weight, high speed vehicle which carries up to 35 kg load and can negotiate through loose snow, rough terrain with use of caterpillar track. The noteworthy feature of the vehicle is that it constitutes of spiral blades and V shape snowplow to make its way through snow. Hence it will repel the snow in outward direction for self-extraction. It also incorporates skis and hubs for changing the direction and smooth suspension. 3D model of the vehicle is drafted in CATIA and structural analysis is carried out in ANSYS. Control system design and mechatronics integration is proposed to develop the prototype by assembling various components.

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