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Articulated Objects in Free-form Hand Interaction

2022-04-28 17:23:59
Zicong Fan, Omid Taheri, Dimitrios Tzionas, Muhammed Kocabas, Manuel Kaufmann, Michael J. Black, Otmar Hilliges


We use our hands to interact with and to manipulate objects. Articulated objects are especially interesting since they often require the full dexterity of human hands to manipulate them. To understand, model, and synthesize such interactions, automatic and robust methods that reconstruct hands and articulated objects in 3D from a color image are needed. Existing methods for estimating 3D hand and object pose from images focus on rigid objects. In part, because such methods rely on training data and no dataset of articulated object manipulation exists. Consequently, we introduce ARCTIC - the first dataset of free-form interactions of hands and articulated objects. ARCTIC has 1.2M images paired with accurate 3D meshes for both hands and for objects that move and deform over time. The dataset also provides hand-object contact information. To show the value of our dataset, we perform two novel tasks on ARCTIC: (1) 3D reconstruction of two hands and an articulated object in interaction; (2) an estimation of dense hand-object relative distances, which we call interaction field estimation. For the first task, we present ArcticNet, a baseline method for the task of jointly reconstructing two hands and an articulated object from an RGB image. For interaction field estimation, we predict the relative distances from each hand vertex to the object surface, and vice versa. We introduce InterField, the first method that estimates such distances from a single RGB image. We provide qualitative and quantitative experiments for both tasks, and provide detailed analysis on the data. Code and data will be available at this https URL.

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