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Contingency-constrained economic dispatch with safe reinforcement learning

2022-05-12 16:52:48
Michael Eichelbeck, Hannah Markgraf, Matthias Althoff


Future power systems will rely heavily on micro grids with a high share of decentralised renewable energy sources and energy storage systems. The high complexity and uncertainty in this context might make conventional power dispatch strategies infeasible. Reinforcement-learning based (RL) controllers can address this challenge, however, cannot themselves provide safety guarantees, preventing their deployment in practice. To overcome this limitation, we propose a formally validated RL controller for economic dispatch. We extend conventional constraints by a time-dependent constraint encoding the islanding contingency. The contingency constraint is computed using set-based backwards reachability analysis and actions of the RL agent are verified through a safety layer. Unsafe actions are projected into the safe action space while leveraging constrained zonotope set representations for computational efficiency. The developed approach is demonstrated on a residential use case using real-world measurements.

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