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Hand Segmentation and Fingertip Tracking from Depth Camera Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-task SegNet

2019-01-11 03:06:19
Hai-Duong Nguyen, Soo-Hyung Kim


Hand segmentation and fingertip detection play an indispensable role in hand gesture-based human-machine interaction systems. In this study, we propose a method to discriminate hand components and to locate fingertips in RGB-D images. The system consists of three main steps: hand detection using RGB images providing regions which are considered as promising areas for further processing, hand segmentation, and fingertip detection using depth image and our modified SegNet, a single lightweight architecture that can process two independent tasks at the same time. The experimental results show that our system is a promising method for hand segmentation and fingertip detection which achieves a comparable performance while model complexity is suitable for real-time applications.

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