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Semantic Instance Segmentation of 3D Scenes Through Weak Bounding Box Supervision

2022-06-02 17:59:57
Julian Chibane, Francis Engelmann, Tuan Anh Tran, Gerard Pons-Moll


Current 3D segmentation methods heavily rely on large-scale point-cloud datasets, which are notoriously laborious to annotate. Few attempts have been made to circumvent the need for dense per-point annotations. In this work, we look at weakly-supervised 3D instance semantic segmentation. The key idea is to leverage 3D bounding box labels which are easier and faster to annotate. Indeed, we show that it is possible to train dense segmentation models using only weak bounding box labels. At the core of our method, Box2Mask, lies a deep model, inspired by classical Hough voting, that directly votes for bounding box parameters, and a clustering method specifically tailored to bounding box votes. This goes beyond commonly used center votes, which would not fully exploit the bounding box annotations. On ScanNet test, our weakly supervised model attains leading performance among other weakly supervised approaches (+18 mAP50). Remarkably, it also achieves 97% of the performance of fully supervised models. To prove the practicality of our approach, we show segmentation results on the recently released ARKitScenes dataset which is annotated with 3D bounding boxes only, and obtain, for the first time, compelling 3D instance segmentation results.

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