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Hybrid coarse-fine classification for head pose estimation

2019-01-21 03:07:05
Haofan Wang, Zhenghua Chen, Yi Zhou


Head pose estimation, which computes the intrinsic Euler angles (yaw, pitch, roll) from a target human head, is crucial for gaze estimation, face alignment and 3D reconstruction. Traditional approaches to head pose estimation heavily relies on the accuracy of facial landmarks, and solve the correspondence problem between 2D facial landmarks and a mean 3D head model (ad-hoc fitting procedures), which seriously limited their performance, especially when the visibility of face is not in good condition. But existed landmark-free methods either treat head pose estimation as a sub-problem, or bring extra error during problem reduction. Therefore, in this paper, we present our efficient hybrid coarse-fine classification to deal with issues above. First of all, we extend previous work with stricter fine classification by increasing class number. Then, we introduce our hybrid coarse-fine classification scheme into the network. Integrate regression is adopted to get the final prediction. Our proposed approach to head pose estimation is evaluated on three challenging benchmarks, we achieve the state-of-the-art on AFLW2000 and BIWI, and our approach closes the gap with state-of-the-art on AFLW.

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