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Linear Video Transformer with Feature Fixation

2022-10-15 02:20:50
Kaiyue Lu, Zexiang Liu, Jianyuan Wang, Weixuan Sun, Zhen Qin, Dong Li, Xuyang Shen, Hui Deng, Xiaodong Han, Yuchao Dai, Yiran Zhong


Vision Transformers have achieved impressive performance in video classification, while suffering from the quadratic complexity caused by the Softmax attention mechanism. Some studies alleviate the computational costs by reducing the number of tokens in attention calculation, but the complexity is still quadratic. Another promising way is to replace Softmax attention with linear attention, which owns linear complexity but presents a clear performance drop. We find that such a drop in linear attention results from the lack of attention concentration on critical features. Therefore, we propose a feature fixation module to reweight the feature importance of the query and key before computing linear attention. Specifically, we regard the query, key, and value as various latent representations of the input token, and learn the feature fixation ratio by aggregating Query-Key-Value information. This is beneficial for measuring the feature importance comprehensively. Furthermore, we enhance the feature fixation by neighborhood association, which leverages additional guidance from spatial and temporal neighbouring tokens. The proposed method significantly improves the linear attention baseline and achieves state-of-the-art performance among linear video Transformers on three popular video classification benchmarks. With fewer parameters and higher efficiency, our performance is even comparable to some Softmax-based quadratic Transformers.

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