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Generalizable Implicit Neural Representations via Instance Pattern Composers

2022-11-23 18:58:59
Chiheon Kim, Doyup Lee, Saehoon Kim, Minsu Cho, Wook-Shin Han


Despite recent advances in implicit neural representations (INRs), it remains challenging for a coordinate-based multi-layer perceptron (MLP) of INRs to learn a common representation across data instances and generalize it for unseen instances. In this work, we introduce a simple yet effective framework for generalizable INRs that enables a coordinate-based MLP to represent complex data instances by modulating only a small set of weights in an early MLP layer as an instance pattern composer; the remaining MLP weights learn pattern composition rules for common representations across instances. Our generalizable INR framework is fully compatible with existing meta-learning and hypernetworks in learning to predict the modulated weight for unseen instances. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method achieves high performance on a wide range of domains such as an audio, image, and 3D object, while the ablation study validates our weight modulation.

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