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CBNet: A Plug-and-Play Network for Segmentation-based Scene Text Detection

2022-12-05 15:15:27
Xi Zhao, Wei Feng, Zheng Zhang, Jingjing Lv, Xin Zhu, Zhangang Lin, Jinghe Hu, Jingping Shao


Recently, segmentation-based methods are quite popular in scene text detection, which mainly contain two steps: text kernel segmentation and expansion. However, the segmentation process only considers each pixel independently, and the expansion process is difficult to achieve a favorable accuracy-speed trade-off. In this paper, we propose a Context-aware and Boundary-guided Network (CBN) to tackle these problems. In CBN, a basic text detector is firstly used to predict initial segmentation results. Then, we propose a context-aware module to enhance text kernel feature representations, which considers both global and local contexts. Finally, we introduce a boundary-guided module to expand enhanced text kernels adaptively with only the pixels on the contours, which not only obtains accurate text boundaries but also keeps high speed, especially on high-resolution output maps. In particular, with a lightweight backbone, the basic detector equipped with our proposed CBN achieves state-of-the-art results on several popular benchmarks, and our proposed CBN can be plugged into several segmentation-based methods. Code will be available on this https URL.

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