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Nearest Neighbor-Based Contrastive Learning for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Classification

2023-01-09 13:43:54
Meng Wang, Feng Gao, Junyu Dong, Heng-Chao Li, Qian Du


The joint hyperspectral image (HSI) and LiDAR data classification aims to interpret ground objects at more detailed and precise level. Although deep learning methods have shown remarkable success in the multisource data classification task, self-supervised learning has rarely been explored. It is commonly nontrivial to build a robust self-supervised learning model for multisource data classification, due to the fact that the semantic similarities of neighborhood regions are not exploited in existing contrastive learning framework. Furthermore, the heterogeneous gap induced by the inconsistent distribution of multisource data impedes the classification performance. To overcome these disadvantages, we propose a Nearest Neighbor-based Contrastive Learning Network (NNCNet), which takes full advantage of large amounts of unlabeled data to learn discriminative feature representations. Specifically, we propose a nearest neighbor-based data augmentation scheme to use enhanced semantic relationships among nearby regions. The intermodal semantic alignments can be captured more accurately. In addition, we design a bilinear attention module to exploit the second-order and even high-order feature interactions between the HSI and LiDAR data. Extensive experiments on four public datasets demonstrate the superiority of our NNCNet over state-of-the-art methods. The source codes are available at \url{this https URL}.

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