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Design and Implementation of A Soccer Ball Detection System with Multiple Cameras

2023-01-31 22:04:53
Lei Li, Tianfang Zhang, Zhongfeng Kang, Wenhan Zhang


The detection of small and medium-sized objects in three dimensions has always been a frontier exploration problem. This technology has a very wide application in sports analysis, games, virtual reality, human animation and other fields. The traditional three-dimensional small target detection technology has the disadvantages of high cost, low precision and inconvenience, so it is difficult to apply in practice. With the development of machine learning and deep learning, the technology of computer vision algorithms is becoming more mature. Creating an immersive media experience is considered to be a very important research work in sports. The main work is to explore and solve the problem of football detection under the multiple cameras, aiming at the research and implementation of the live broadcast system of football matches. Using multi cameras detects a target ball and determines its position in three dimension with the occlusion, motion, low illumination of the target object. This paper designed and implemented football detection system under multiple cameras for the detection and capture of targets in real-time matches. The main work mainly consists of three parts, football detector, single camera detection, and multi-cameras detection. The system used bundle adjustment to obtain the three-dimensional position of the target, and the GPU to accelerates data pre-processing and achieve accurate real-time capture of the target. By testing the system, it shows that the system can accurately detect and capture the moving targets in 3D. In addition, the solution in this paper is reusable for large-scale competitions, like basketball and soccer. The system framework can be well transplanted into other similar engineering project systems. It has been put into the market.

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