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Drone Formation for Efficient Swarm Energy Consumption

2023-03-16 23:52:52
Shilong Guo, Balsam Alkouz, Babar Shahzaad, Abdallah Lakhdari, Athman Bouguettaya


We demonstrate formation flying for drone swarm services. A set of drones fly in four different swarm formations. A dataset is collected to study the effect of formation flying on energy consumption. We conduct a set of experiments to study the effect of wind on formation flying. We examine the forces the drones exert on each other when flying in a formation. We finally identify and classify the formations that conserve most energy under varying wind conditions. The collected dataset aims at providing researchers data to conduct further research in swarm-based drone service delivery. Demo: this https URL

Abstract (translated)

我们演示了无人机群空中服务中的阵列飞行。一组无人机组成四个不同的无人机群阵列。收集了一份数据集,用于研究阵列飞行对能源消耗的影响。进行了一组实验,研究风对阵列飞行的影响。检查了无人机在飞行中的互相作用力。最终,确定了并在不同风条件下最节省能量的阵列类型。收集的数据集旨在提供研究人员数据,以进行基于无人机群的无人机服务配送的进一步研究。演示:这个 https URL。



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