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Markerless Motion Capture and Biomechanical Analysis Pipeline

2023-03-19 13:31:57
R. James Cotton, Allison DeLillo, Anthony Cimorelli, Kunal Shah, J.D. Peiffer, Shawana Anarwala, Kayan Abdou, Tasos Karakostas


Markerless motion capture using computer vision and human pose estimation (HPE) has the potential to expand access to precise movement analysis. This could greatly benefit rehabilitation by enabling more accurate tracking of outcomes and providing more sensitive tools for research. There are numerous steps between obtaining videos to extracting accurate biomechanical results and limited research to guide many critical design decisions in these pipelines. In this work, we analyze several of these steps including the algorithm used to detect keypoints and the keypoint set, the approach to reconstructing trajectories for biomechanical inverse kinematics and optimizing the IK process. Several features we find important are: 1) using a recent algorithm trained on many datasets that produces a dense set of biomechanically-motivated keypoints, 2) using an implicit representation to reconstruct smooth, anatomically constrained marker trajectories for IK, 3) iteratively optimizing the biomechanical model to match the dense markers, 4) appropriate regularization of the IK process. Our pipeline makes it easy to obtain accurate biomechanical estimates of movement in a rehabilitation hospital.

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