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LiDARFormer: A Unified Transformer-based Multi-task Network for LiDAR Perception

2023-03-21 20:52:02
Zixiang Zhou, Dongqiangzi Ye, Weijia Chen, Yufei Xie, Yu Wang, Panqu Wang, Hassan Foroosh


There is a recent trend in the LiDAR perception field towards unifying multiple tasks in a single strong network with improved performance, as opposed to using separate networks for each task. In this paper, we introduce a new LiDAR multi-task learning paradigm based on the transformer. The proposed LiDARFormer utilizes cross-space global contextual feature information and exploits cross-task synergy to boost the performance of LiDAR perception tasks across multiple large-scale datasets and benchmarks. Our novel transformer-based framework includes a cross-space transformer module that learns attentive features between the 2D dense Bird's Eye View (BEV) and 3D sparse voxel feature maps. Additionally, we propose a transformer decoder for the segmentation task to dynamically adjust the learned features by leveraging the categorical feature representations. Furthermore, we combine the segmentation and detection features in a shared transformer decoder with cross-task attention layers to enhance and integrate the object-level and class-level features. LiDARFormer is evaluated on the large-scale nuScenes and the Waymo Open datasets for both 3D detection and semantic segmentation tasks, and it outperforms all previously published methods on both tasks. Notably, LiDARFormer achieves the state-of-the-art performance of 76.4% L2 mAPH and 74.3% NDS on the challenging Waymo and nuScenes detection benchmarks for a single model LiDAR-only method.

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