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Pick-and-Draw: Training-free Semantic Guidance for Text-to-Image Personalization

2024-01-30 05:56:12
Henglei Lv, Jiayu Xiao, Liang Li, Qingming Huang


Diffusion-based text-to-image personalization have achieved great success in generating subjects specified by users among various contexts. Even though, existing finetuning-based methods still suffer from model overfitting, which greatly harms the generative diversity, especially when given subject images are few. To this end, we propose Pick-and-Draw, a training-free semantic guidance approach to boost identity consistency and generative diversity for personalization methods. Our approach consists of two components: appearance picking guidance and layout drawing guidance. As for the former, we construct an appearance palette with visual features from the reference image, where we pick local patterns for generating the specified subject with consistent identity. As for layout drawing, we outline the subject's contour by referring to a generative template from the vanilla diffusion model, and inherit the strong image prior to synthesize diverse contexts according to different text conditions. The proposed approach can be applied to any personalized diffusion models and requires as few as a single reference image. Qualitative and quantitative experiments show that Pick-and-Draw consistently improves identity consistency and generative diversity, pushing the trade-off between subject fidelity and image-text fidelity to a new Pareto frontier.

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