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3Doodle: Compact Abstraction of Objects with 3D Strokes

2024-02-06 04:25:07
Changwoon Choi, Jaeah Lee, Jaesik Park, Young Min Kim


While free-hand sketching has long served as an efficient representation to convey characteristics of an object, they are often subjective, deviating significantly from realistic representations. Moreover, sketches are not consistent for arbitrary viewpoints, making it hard to catch 3D shapes. We propose 3Dooole, generating descriptive and view-consistent sketch images given multi-view images of the target object. Our method is based on the idea that a set of 3D strokes can efficiently represent 3D structural information and render view-consistent 2D sketches. We express 2D sketches as a union of view-independent and view-dependent components. 3D cubic B ezier curves indicate view-independent 3D feature lines, while contours of superquadrics express a smooth outline of the volume of varying viewpoints. Our pipeline directly optimizes the parameters of 3D stroke primitives to minimize perceptual losses in a fully differentiable manner. The resulting sparse set of 3D strokes can be rendered as abstract sketches containing essential 3D characteristic shapes of various objects. We demonstrate that 3Doodle can faithfully express concepts of the original images compared with recent sketch generation approaches.

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