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A Transversal Study of Fundamental Frequency Contours in Parkinsonian Voices

2024-02-09 13:08:58
Pablo Rodriguez-Perez Ruben Fraile Miguel Garcia-Escrig Nicolas Saenz-Lechon Juana M. Gutierrez-Arriola Victor Osma-Ruiz


A transversal study of the pitch variability of parkinsonian voices in read speech is presented. 30 patients suffering from Parkinson's disease (PD) and 32 healthy speakers were recorded while reading a text without voiceless phonemes. The fundamental frequency contours were calculated from the recordings, and the following measures were used for describing them: mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation of the estimated fundamental frequencies. Results based on these measures indicate that the influence of PD on some aspects of intonation can be masked by the effects of aging, especially for male voices. However, some parameters such as the relative fundamental frequency range exhibit lower correlations with age than with PD stage, as evaluated using the Hoehn and Yahr scale. These correlations between relative fundamental frequency range and PD stage reach moderate-to-high values in the case of women. Additionally, three parameters describing the form of the fundamental frequency modulation spectrum were investigated for correlation with age and PD stage. The study of this modulation spectrum provides some insight into the ability of the speakers to plan the intonation of full phrases. For both male and female populations, significant correlations were found between parameters obtained from the modulation spectrum of fundamental frequency and the PD stage. Nevertheless, the quantitative assessment of the performance of regression models built from these modulation parameters and fundamental frequency range suggests that such measures are likely to be of limited value in the early diagnosis of PD due to inter-speaker variability.

Abstract (translated)

本文对 Parkinsonian 语音变调的研究进行了综述。在对 30 名患有 Parkinson's disease(PD)的患者和 32 名健康说话者进行阅读时无音素语音的文本时进行录音。从录音中计算出基本频率轮廓,并使用以下度量对其进行描述:平均、最小、最大和标准差估计的基本频率。基于这些度量的结果表明,PD 对某些语调方面的影响可能会被衰老的影响所掩盖,特别是对于男性声音。然而,使用 Hoehn 和 Yahr 刻度对相对基本频率范围和PD 阶段的关联度进行评估,结果显示这些参数与年龄的关联较低,而与PD阶段的关联较高。此外,研究了三个参数描述基本频率调制频谱的形式,以评估其与年龄和PD阶段的关联。基于这些调制参数的基本频率频谱的研究提供了一些对说话者规划完整短语的能力的洞察。对于男性和女性人群,从基本频率频谱获得了的参数与PD 阶段之间发现了显著的关联。然而,基于这些参数的回归模型的定量评估表明,由于说话者之间的变异性,这些测量值在 PD 的早期诊断中可能有限价值。



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