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OCAI: Improving Optical Flow Estimation by Occlusion and Consistency Aware Interpolation

2024-03-26 20:23:48
Jisoo Jeong, Hong Cai, Risheek Garrepalli, Jamie Menjay Lin, Munawar Hayat, Fatih Porikli


The scarcity of ground-truth labels poses one major challenge in developing optical flow estimation models that are both generalizable and robust. While current methods rely on data augmentation, they have yet to fully exploit the rich information available in labeled video sequences. We propose OCAI, a method that supports robust frame interpolation by generating intermediate video frames alongside optical flows in between. Utilizing a forward warping approach, OCAI employs occlusion awareness to resolve ambiguities in pixel values and fills in missing values by leveraging the forward-backward consistency of optical flows. Additionally, we introduce a teacher-student style semi-supervised learning method on top of the interpolated frames. Using a pair of unlabeled frames and the teacher model's predicted optical flow, we generate interpolated frames and flows to train a student model. The teacher's weights are maintained using Exponential Moving Averaging of the student. Our evaluations demonstrate perceptually superior interpolation quality and enhanced optical flow accuracy on established benchmarks such as Sintel and KITTI.

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