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Graphomotor and Handwriting Disabilities Rating Scale :towards complex and objective assessment

2024-05-28 07:09:42
Jiri Mekyska, Katarina Safarova, Tomas Urbanek, Jirina Bednarova, Vojtech Zvoncak, Jana Marie Havigerova, Lukas Cunek, Zoltan Galaz, Jan Mucha, Christine Klauszova, Marcos Faundez-Zanuy, Miguel A. Ferrer, Moises Diaz


Graphomotor and handwriting disabilities (GD and HD, respectively) could significantly reduce children's quality of life. Effective remediation depends on proper diagnosis; however, current approaches to diagnosis and assessment of GD and HD have several limitations and knowledge gaps, e.g. they are subjective, they do not facilitate identification of specific manifestations, etc. The aim of this work is to introduce a new scale (GHDRS Graphomotor and Handwriting Disabilities Rating Scale) that will enable experts to perform objective and complex computeraided diagnosis and assessment of GD and HD. The scale supports quantification of 17 manifestations associated with the process/product of drawing/ handwriting. The whole methodology of GHDRS design is made maximally transparent so that it could be adapted for other languages.

Abstract (translated)

图形运动和书写障碍(GD和HD)可能显著降低儿童的生活质量。有效的修复取决于正确的诊断;然而,当前对GD和HD的诊断和评估方法存在许多局限性和知识空白,例如它们是主观的,它们不利于确定特定的表现等。本工作的目的是介绍一个新 scale(GDRS 图形和书写障碍评分表),使专家能够进行客观和复杂的计算机辅助诊断和评估 of GD和HD。该 scale支持对绘制/手写过程中/产品的17个表现进行量化。GDRS的设计方法全程最大程度地保持透明,以便于其他语言的适应。



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