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A Novel Algorithm for Community Detection in Networks using Rough Sets and Consensus Clustering

2024-06-18 09:01:21
Darian H. Grass-Boada, Leandro Gonz\'alez-Montesino, Rub\'en Arma\~nanzas


Complex networks, such as those in social, biological, and technological systems, often present challenges to the task of community detection. Our research introduces a novel rough clustering based consensus community framework (RC-CCD) for effective structure identification of network communities. The RC-CCD method employs rough set theory to handle uncertainties within data and utilizes a consensus clustering approach to aggregate multiple clustering results, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of community detection. This integration allows the RC-CCD to effectively manage overlapping communities, which are often present in complex networks. This approach excels at detecting overlapping communities, offering a detailed and accurate representation of network structures. Comprehensive testing on benchmark networks generated by the Lancichinetti-Fortunato-Radicchi method showcased the strength and adaptability of the new proposal to varying node degrees and community sizes. Cross-comparisons of RC-CCD versus other well known detection algorithms outcomes highlighted its stability and adaptability.

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