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Financial Assets Dependency Prediction Utilizing Spatiotemporal Patterns

2024-06-13 09:42:28
Haoren Zhu, Pengfei Zhao, Wilfred Siu Hung NG, Dik Lun Lee


Financial assets exhibit complex dependency structures, which are crucial for investors to create diversified portfolios to mitigate risk in volatile financial markets. To explore the financial asset dependencies dynamics, we propose a novel approach that models the dependencies of assets as an Asset Dependency Matrix (ADM) and treats the ADM sequences as image sequences. This allows us to leverage deep learning-based video prediction methods to capture the spatiotemporal dependencies among assets. However, unlike images where neighboring pixels exhibit explicit spatiotemporal dependencies due to the natural continuity of object movements, assets in ADM do not have a natural order. This poses challenges to organizing the relational assets to reveal better the spatiotemporal dependencies among neighboring assets for ADM forecasting. To tackle the challenges, we propose the Asset Dependency Neural Network (ADNN), which employs the Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory (ConvLSTM) network, a highly successful method for video prediction. ADNN can employ static and dynamic transformation functions to optimize the representations of the ADM. Through extensive experiments, we demonstrate that our proposed framework consistently outperforms the baselines in the ADM prediction and downstream application tasks. This research contributes to understanding and predicting asset dependencies, offering valuable insights for financial market participants.

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