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Learning to Detect Head Movement in Unconstrained Remote Gaze Estimation in the Wild

2020-04-07 22:38:49
Zhecan Wang, Jian Zhao, Cheng Lu, Han Huang, Fan Yang, Lianji Li, Yandong Guo


Unconstrained remote gaze estimation remains challenging mostly due to its vulnerability to the large variability in head-pose. Prior solutions struggle to maintain reliable accuracy in unconstrained remote gaze tracking. Among them, appearance-based solutions demonstrate tremendous potential in improving gaze accuracy. However, existing works still suffer from head movement and are not robust enough to handle real-world scenarios. Especially most of them study gaze estimation under controlled scenarios where the collected datasets often cover limited ranges of both head-pose and gaze which introduces further bias. In this paper, we propose novel end-to-end appearance-based gaze estimation methods that could more robustly incorporate different levels of head-pose representations into gaze estimation. Our method could generalize to real-world scenarios with low image quality, different lightings and scenarios where direct head-pose information is not available. To better demonstrate the advantage of our methods, we further propose a new benchmark dataset with the most rich distribution of head-gaze combination reflecting real-world scenarios. Extensive evaluations on several public datasets and our own dataset demonstrate that our method consistently outperforms the state-of-the-art by a significant margin.

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