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CBR-Net: Cascade Boundary Refinement Network for Action Detection: Submission to ActivityNet Challenge 2020

2020-06-13 01:05:51
Xiang Wang, Baiteng Ma, Zhiwu Qing, Yongpeng Sang, Changxin Gao, Shiwei Zhang, Nong Sang


In this report, we present our solution for the task of temporal action localization (detection) (task 1) in ActivityNet Challenge 2020. The purpose of this task is to temporally localize intervals where actions of interest occur and predict the action categories in a long untrimmed video. Our solution mainly includes three components: 1) feature encoding: we apply three kinds of backbones, including TSN [7], Slowfast[3] and I3d[1], which are both pretrained on Kinetics dataset[2]. Applying these models, we can extract snippet-level video representations; 2) proposal generation: we choose BMN [5] as our baseline, base on which we design a Cascade Boundary Refinement Network (CBR-Net) to conduct proposal detection. The CBR-Net mainly contains two modules: temporal feature encoding, which applies BiLSTM to encode long-term temporal information; CBR module, which targets to refine the proposal precision under different parameter settings; 3) action localization: In this stage, we combine the video-level classification results obtained by the fine tuning networks to predict the category of each proposal. Moreover, we also apply to different ensemble strategies to improve the performance of the designed solution, by which we achieve 42.788% on the testing set of ActivityNet v1.3 dataset in terms of mean Average Precision metrics.

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