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Semi-Global Shape-aware Network

2020-12-17 02:52:10
Pengju Zhang, Yihong Wu, Jiagang Zhu


Non-local operations are usually used to capture long-range dependencies via aggregating global context to each position recently. However, most of the methods cannot preserve object shapes since they only focus on feature similarity but ignore proximity between central and other positions for capturing long-range dependencies, while shape-awareness is beneficial to many computer vision tasks. In this paper, we propose a Semi-Global Shape-aware Network (SGSNet) considering both feature similarity and proximity for preserving object shapes when modeling long-range dependencies. A hierarchical way is taken to aggregate global context. In the first level, each position in the whole feature map only aggregates contextual information in vertical and horizontal directions according to both similarity and proximity. And then the result is input into the second level to do the same operations. By this hierarchical way, each central position gains supports from all other positions, and the combination of similarity and proximity makes each position gain supports mostly from the same semantic object. Moreover, we also propose a linear time algorithm for the aggregation of contextual information, where each of rows and columns in the feature map is treated as a binary tree to reduce similarity computation cost. Experiments on semantic segmentation and image retrieval show that adding SGSNet to existing networks gains solid improvements on both accuracy and efficiency.

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