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Gaze Estimation with an Ensemble of Four Architectures

2021-07-05 12:40:26
Xin Cai, Boyu Chen, Jiabei Zeng, Jiajun Zhang, Yunjia Sun, Xiao Wang, Zhilong Ji, Xiao Liu, Xilin Chen, Shiguang Shan


This paper presents a method for gaze estimation according to face images. We train several gaze estimators adopting four different network architectures, including an architecture designed for gaze estimation (i.e.,iTracker-MHSA) and three originally designed for general computer vision tasks(i.e., BoTNet, HRNet, ResNeSt). Then, we select the best six estimators and ensemble their predictions through a linear combination. The method ranks the first on the leader-board of ETH-XGaze Competition, achieving an average angular error of $3.11^{\circ}$ on the ETH-XGaze test set.

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