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Content-Conditioned Generation of Stylized Free hand Sketches

2024-01-09 05:57:35
Jiajun Liu, Siyuan Wang, Guangming Zhu, Liang Zhang, Ning Li, Eryang Gao


In recent years, the recognition of free-hand sketches has remained a popular task. However, in some special fields such as the military field, free-hand sketches are difficult to sample on a large scale. Common data augmentation and image generation techniques are difficult to produce images with various free-hand sketching styles. Therefore, the recognition and segmentation tasks in related fields are limited. In this paper, we propose a novel adversarial generative network that can accurately generate realistic free-hand sketches with various styles. We explore the performance of the model, including using styles randomly sampled from a prior normal distribution to generate images with various free-hand sketching styles, disentangling the painters' styles from known free-hand sketches to generate images with specific styles, and generating images of unknown classes that are not in the training set. We further demonstrate with qualitative and quantitative evaluations our advantages in visual quality, content accuracy, and style imitation on SketchIME.

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