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SparseDC: Depth Completion from sparse and non-uniform inputs

2023-11-30 13:36:27
Chen Long, Wenxiao Zhang, Zhe Chen, Haiping Wang, Yuan Liu, Zhen Cao, Zhen Dong, Bisheng Yang


We propose SparseDC, a model for Depth Completion of Sparse and non-uniform depth inputs. Unlike previous methods focusing on completing fixed distributions on benchmark datasets (e.g., NYU with 500 points, KITTI with 64 lines), SparseDC is specifically designed to handle depth maps with poor quality in real usage. The key contributions of SparseDC are two-fold. First, we design a simple strategy, called SFFM, to improve the robustness under sparse input by explicitly filling the unstable depth features with stable image features. Second, we propose a two-branch feature embedder to predict both the precise local geometry of regions with available depth values and accurate structures in regions with no depth. The key of the embedder is an uncertainty-based fusion module called UFFM to balance the local and long-term information extracted by CNNs and ViTs. Extensive indoor and outdoor experiments demonstrate the robustness of our framework when facing sparse and non-uniform input depths. The pre-trained model and code are available at this https URL.

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