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Metric-Based Few-Shot Learning for Video Action Recognition

2019-09-14 17:53:16
Chris Careaga, Brian Hutchinson, Nathan Hodas, Lawrence Phillips


In the few-shot scenario, a learner must effectively generalize to unseen classes given a small support set of labeled examples. While a relatively large amount of research has gone into few-shot learning for image classification, little work has been done on few-shot video classification. In this work, we address the task of few-shot video action recognition with a set of two-stream models. We evaluate the performance of a set of convolutional and recurrent neural network video encoder architectures used in conjunction with three popular metric-based few-shot algorithms. We train and evaluate using a few-shot split of the Kinetics 600 dataset. Our experiments confirm the importance of the two-stream setup, and find prototypical networks and pooled long short-term memory network embeddings to give the best performance as few-shot method and video encoder, respectively. For a 5-shot 5-way task, this setup obtains 84.2% accuracy on the test set and 59.4% on a special "challenge" test set, composed of highly confusable classes.

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