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FusionPortableV2: A Unified Multi-Sensor Dataset for Generalized SLAM Across Diverse Platforms and Scalable Environments

2024-04-12 16:01:02
Hexiang Wei, Jianhao Jiao, Xiangcheng Hu, Jingwen Yu, Xupeng Xie, Jin Wu, Yilong Zhu, Yuxuan Liu, Lujia Wang, Ming Liu


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology has been widely applied in various robotic scenarios, from rescue operations to autonomous driving. However, the generalization of SLAM algorithms remains a significant challenge, as current datasets often lack scalability in terms of platforms and environments. To address this limitation, we present FusionPortableV2, a multi-sensor SLAM dataset featuring notable sensor diversity, varied motion patterns, and a wide range of environmental scenarios. Our dataset comprises $27$ sequences, spanning over $2.5$ hours and collected from four distinct platforms: a handheld suite, wheeled and legged robots, and vehicles. These sequences cover diverse settings, including buildings, campuses, and urban areas, with a total length of $38.7km$. Additionally, the dataset includes ground-truth (GT) trajectories and RGB point cloud maps covering approximately $0.3km^2$. To validate the utility of our dataset in advancing SLAM research, we assess several state-of-the-art (SOTA) SLAM algorithms. Furthermore, we demonstrate the dataset's broad applicability beyond traditional SLAM tasks by investigating its potential for monocular depth estimation. The complete dataset, including sensor data, GT, and calibration details, is accessible at this https URL.

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