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Planning with Abstract Learned Models While Learning Transferable Subtasks

2019-12-16 17:47:57
John Winder, Stephanie Milani, Matthew Landen, Erebus Oh, Shane Parr, Shawn Squire, Marie desJardins, Cynthia Matuszek


We introduce an algorithm for model-based hierarchical reinforcement learning to acquire self-contained transition and reward models suitable for probabilistic planning at multiple levels of abstraction. We call this framework Planning with Abstract Learned Models (PALM). By representing subtasks symbolically using a new formal structure, the lifted abstract Markov decision process (L-AMDP), PALM learns models that are independent and modular. Through our experiments, we show how PALM integrates planning and execution, facilitating a rapid and efficient learning of abstract, hierarchical models. We also demonstrate the increased potential for learned models to be transferred to new and related tasks.

Abstract (translated)