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A Four-Stage Data Augmentation Approach to ResNet-Conformer Based Acoustic Modeling for Sound Event Localization and Detection

2021-01-08 08:55:37
Qing Wang, Jun Du, Hua-Xin Wu, Jia Pan, Feng Ma, Chin-Hui Lee


tract: In this paper, we propose a novel four-stage data augmentation approach to ResNet-Conformer based acoustic modeling for sound event localization and detection (SELD). First, we explore two spatial augmentation techniques, namely audio channel swapping (ACS) and multi-channel simulation (MCS), to deal with data sparsity in SELD. ACS and MDS focus on augmenting the limited training data with expanding direction of arrival (DOA) representations such that the acoustic models trained with the augmented data are robust to localization variations of acoustic sources. Next, time-domain mixing (TDM) and time-frequency masking (TFM) are also investigated to deal with overlapping sound events and data diversity. Finally, ACS, MCS, TDM and TFM are combined in a step-by-step manner to form an effective four-stage data augmentation scheme. Tested on the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events (DCASE) 2020 data sets, our proposed augmentation approach greatly improves the system performance, ranking our submitted system in the first place in the SELD task of DCASE 2020 Challenge. Furthermore, we employ a ResNet-Conformer architecture to model both global and local context dependencies of an audio sequence to yield further gains over those architectures used in the DCASE 2020 SELD evaluations.

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